Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why does water take longer to heat up when you turn on the shower?

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Ideally, upon turning on the shower, just count a few seconds and the water turns hot. However, if you have been standing for almost a minute shivering in cold, then you should start wondering if there’s something wrong with your water heater. The coldness and the water that’s wasted each time you turn on the shower will eventually prompt you to look for answers to your question. If you have ever experienced this, the Cincinnati plumbers will provide you with the answers.


Piping Material

Several factors contribute to the time required for water to heat up. One obvious cause is the distance of the shower stall to the fixture. Another cause is the type of pipe in your plumbing system. Because metal is a conductor of heat, the material is an important indicator for hot water to reach your fixture. Galvanized pipes have thicker walls compared to the copper pipes. As water flows through the former, it will absorb more heat and thus it will take longer for the hot water to reach you. Because of the variation in heat absorption, Cincinnati plumbers recommend the copper type if you want faster delivery of hot water.


Outside Temperature

The temperature surrounding the plumbing system also plays a role. Winter seasons will require longer time for water to heat up compared to summer seasons. If you want to solve this problem, Cincinnati plumbers recommend insulating the pipes, especially during cold weather. With the use of insulators, you can even save energy and keep the water hotter in the pipes. If insulation still does not work, Cincinnati plumbers recommend pumps that will circulate in the loop, to the piping system and back to the heater. Although it may consume more energy, you can have hot water instantly.


Hot Water Tanks

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The pressure in the tank also dictates the heating time. If you have low pressure, it will take a longer time for the hot water to arrive. But with the aid of technology, many heaters can take up to a maximum pressure, thus eliminating the problem.

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