Thursday, 6 May 2010

How do you check leaks in the plumbing system?


The plumbing system is one of the most expensive systems installed in your place. Because any damage to it can cause a huge amount of money, you have to make it a habit to check it regularly. Your little sacrifice and time investment can save you dollars from hiring Cincinnati plumbers. So, when springtime comes, include checking your pipes and other plumbing systems in your to-do list.

The first sign of a leak in a copper pipe is a small white circle around it. Although it does not create a big problem at first, if you neglect it, it can become a big nuisance.

Check your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Remove all the clutter under them and check the integrity of the pipes. Many homeowners use the space under them for storage. However, the clutter and cold temperature can attract mold formation and pest infestation. The bottles and other hard objects can knock your pipe and cause damage to the connections, leading to leaks. Therefore, Cincinnati plumbers advise that you refrain from using sink cabinets as storage spaces.

After the pipes, check the valves around the house. If they are hard to shut-off, do not force them yourself. You might just break them. Call the Cincinnati plumbers to assist you in replacing and repairing all damaged valves.

Lastly, turn off your faucets and check your water meter. In theory, the meter should not be moving. If it is, then suspect the presence of leaks. Call the Cincinnati plumbers to assist you in looking for the sources of the leaks. It may be an underground drip, defective faucets or leaking pipes. It is important that you ask the assistance of professionals for these, as it can be more costly if you make a mistake.

Prevention is always better and less costly than cure. Before a big problem strikes, make sure to avoid its occurrence altogether by regularly inspecting your plumbing system.

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