Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How do I repair a defective shower valve?

Shower valves regulate the flow of water and regulate its temperature. If you have a defective regulator, you can experience inappropriate temperatures each time you take a bath or experience leaking water. These conditions are unacceptable. Because of the significance of the item in your bathroom, Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you check it regularly for any malfunction. When you do your part in checking your valves, they will repay you with good service.

Before you ask Cincinnati plumbers to troubleshoot the shower valve, try fixing it yourself. You can do a simple plumbing without the assistance of Cincinnati plumbers. First thing to do before you take the item off from its location is to turn off the main water supply. The next step is to know where the problem is from. You can check the user’s manual for most common problems arising in its use. Follow the directions carefully when you disassemble it. If the possible source of malfunction is in the wall, you may consider asking for help from Cincinnati plumbers. The professionals know how to handle the problem carefully so as not to damage the wall.

If you can no longer save the shower valve, replacing it is the wisest thing to do. Again, choose the valve compatible with the showerhead. You can bring your old item to the hardware store to get the best fitting one. You may call the Cincinnati plumbers to do the replacement for you. Just turn off the main water supply and remove the defective valve using a wrench. By following the instructions in the user’s manual, assemble the new one and attached to the pipe.

Defective shower valves need your immediate attention. As long as you know the basic knowledge in plumbing and you have the right tools, you can fix the problem yourself. However, if you need professional service, the Cincinnati plumbers are ready to help you.

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