Sunday, 30 May 2010

How do you increase water pressure in your plumbing system?


water pressurePressure is an important factor for water to reach your faucet, especially if your bathroom is in the second floor. With low pressure, you will end up waiting for a long time for water to reach you. Increasing pressure is the key to enjoying free flowing water, especially in the second floor bathroom. Because there are several ways to do this, finding the cause of the problem is the initial step. Cincinnati plumbers give several possible reasons for the reduced pressure:


Leaks in the Pipes

Major leaks in the pipes can cause reduced pressure. For water to reach your faucet or shower head, Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you first fix the leaks in your plumbing system. Once you have done the repair, the pressure will go up and lead to freely flowing water in your bathroom.

 Leaks in the Pipes

Defective System

The tank is another important contributor in increasing the force. If you have a defective tank, you will notice slow water flow. To solve the problem, replace all defective parts of your water system including the tank. You can ask the Cincinnati plumbers to assist you in replacing them.


plumbing system

Booster Pump

After checking all parts and you still experience the same problem, try getting a booster pump. Cincinnati plumbers can help you install the device. They are especially useful for multi-story houses. By installing them to your plumbing system, you can enjoy the normal flow even when your bathroom is situated in higher floors.


Shower Heads

Some showerheads accumulate deposits through time. The clogged deposits contribute to the lesser flow. Aside from the mineral accumulation, most modern designs have low-pressure. To fix this, you can check the restrictor attached to the showerhead. To do this, try to disassemble the parts and clean the plastic screen to provide more space for the entrance. If it does not work, consider buying a new showerhead that allows more water to flow through it.


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  2. Hell! These major problems needs a professional plumbing service . Well, I guess it would be better to call the company that install this for you..Clogging is quite a headache!

  3. I had some of the same problems and I was wondering if you had the same Cincinnati Plumbing from OH done as well. What was yours called again?