Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What is the foul odor coming out of my kitchen and bathroom?

Foul odor from the kitchen and the bathroom can be very disgusting, especially if you have guests coming over. There is always a negative connotation about the smell and guests might think that you have unhygienic practices in your home. If you are one of the homeowners bothered with the problem, Cincinnati plumbers can provide you with a solution. They will tell you how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from ruining your house party. Cincinnati Plumbers - Learn How To Choose The Best Cincinnati Plumber, Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Commercial Cincinnati Plumbers. Get Your FREE Guide Now! How To Find & Hire a Commercial Cincinnati Plumber Guide!

Unpleasant odors may come from the buildup of food debris within the garbage disposal. No matter how new or old it is, food, especially the greasy type, can accumulate and release the foul smell. If it comes from the bathroom, Cincinnati plumbers think that it could probably come from the defective water seal. Traps in the plumbing system prevent the odor from escaping and entering the house. They contain water to seal the odor. However, once it evaporates, the trap becomes less functional and the odor starts entering your bathroom.

For the kitchen odor, the use of ice cubes, lemon or orange peels in the disposer help reduce the odor. You can then squirt a little dishwashing detergent followed by running cold water. The solution is only temporary. For longer odor-free kitchen garbage disposer, Cincinnati plumbers recommend the use of chemical solutions commercially prepared in many stores. For the bathroom problem, Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you pour water in each trap, sink, floor and water drain. The water will help in sealing the odor to prevent it from entering the house.

Foul odors are shameful especially if you have guests in your house. Although the above-mentioned primary solutions are temporary, they can help reduce the smell. If they persist, it is better to contact the Cincinnati plumbers to get more professional assessment and solution.

Monday, 7 June 2010

How to Find a Plumbing Leak with an Infrared Laser Thermometer

Using an infrared laser thermometer to find a leak in your home is something that more and more plumbers are actively pursuing. It used to be that you would have to tear up some of the floor, remove cabinets, and have to remodel the kitchen, or bath, just to find the leak. Today, with the use of infrared technology you can easily locate the spot where the leak is coming from without the need for extensive renovations.

What You Need
  • Infrared Laser Thermometer
  • Ladder

Understand Laser Thermometer

The infrared laser thermometer works in the same way that a radar gun would work. You point the device at the area where you want to take a reading. A small laser is emitted from the device to the place where you are taking the reading. Depending on the temperature of that spot you will have a different color laser shine.

Understand Laser Colors

Most of the infrared laser thermometers all work in the same fashion. The color that the laser is will determine the temperature of the surface at which you are pointing it. For example, if you point the device at something that is colder than the surrounding area, the laser will be blue in color. If the area where you are pointing the device is warmer than the surrounding region, then the laser color will be red. In the event that the area where you are pointing the infrared laser thermometer produces a green or a neutral color laser, as specified in the manual, then the area is at room temperature.

Set Temperature on Thermometer

In order to find water leaks with your infrared laser thermometer you are going to need to make sure it is set at the current temperature. Turn the device on and wait for the system to tell you that it is calibrated with the surrounding temperature. This will give you the ambient air temperature of the home. If you want to have a wall reading then you will need to aim the device at the wall and have it set at that temperature.

Using Infrared Laser Thermometer

When using the infrared laser thermometer you should stand a few feet away from the wall, or hold the device a few feet off the floor, for an accurate reading. Standing too far away will cause the device to give a false reading.

Locate Water Leaks

Once the system is calibrated for your wall, floor, or air temperature you can begin to locate the water leak. Start at the point where you notice the water and follow the laser beam from there. Take notice of the surrounding area and the laser color. If it starts to turn a neutral color then you are straying away from the water leak.

Navigate to Pinpoint Leak

Trace the water trail until you can locate the source of the leak. You will know this by keeping a close eye on the laser color. If you find a place where either the blue or the red color stops, then you have found the source of the leak.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What is a Plumbing Service?


Plumbing services are required in any building or infrastructure no matter how big or small and specializes in a wide variety of tasks that involve plumbing and installation of new appliances that require plumbing or new pipe lines. Plumbers in Cincinnati - Cincinnati Plumbing. Looking for an experienced Plumber in Cincinnati, look no further provides you with a FREE Guide - How to find qualified Cincinnati Plumbers.

It is a skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and other plumbing fixtures for clean drinking water and for the drainage of waste. Cincinnati Plumbers is committed to be a substantial part towards a developed community by providing clean water and proper collection and transport of waste in our services.

Cincinnati Plumbers will service potable cold and hot water supply, traps, drains and vents, septic systems, rainwater, surface and subsurface water drainage and fuel gas piping for your home or office building.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Water Symphony Faucet Knows When you Need To Wash Your Hands

Just at the glance of the Water Symphony Faucet I started thinking to revamp my bathroom by installing stylish bath accessories and toiletries…I wonder how well it would fit.

Water Symphony

Indeed, one would get swayed by the elegant appearance of this Water Symphony Faucet that would very well complement the d├ęcor of one’s bathroom. Very often people do not give much attention to faucets when they construct their home but just when they enter any Hotel or a restaurant with a very appealing washroom, they start thinking of buying the same accessories for their bathrooms and toilets.

Water Symphony Faucets

With the dawn of 21st Century, everything underwent a tremendous change and we can feel the effect of it by looking around us. Even the objects and things of daily use have become trendier and in vogue that if we do not buy them, we feel outdated. If you enter a bath accessories shop, you would be able to have a glance at the plethora of amazing designs and you would want those sleek and sexy things to adore your bathroom.

Water Symphony Faucet

Water Symphony Faucet is one of those sexy faucets that you would want for sure as not only this sexy little thing looks appealing but is hygienic. Unlike the other faucets where you need to touch them to operate, this one doesn’t need a touch as if it knows that you need to wash your hands or face. This happens because of the sensors that are placed around the mixture which makes the water come out automatically when they detect hand in a certain range.

Water Symphony Tap

This is a wonderful faucet that also comes with features like water pressure and heating which can be customized by a control unit placed under the sink that has a microprocessor for processing and saving the settings. The Water Symphony Faucet won Red Dot Design Award 2009 for its distinguished performance. There is a mic and an OLED Screen equipped in the faucet to exhibit the temperature of water, water pressure, and water consumed after every wash.

If you are interested to know more, then guys, this is really ASTOUNDING that you can command the tap to supply water at your desired temperature just by using Voice Command. I just missed out to tell you that this is the creation of Aleksander Mukomelov.

Again like many good products, this one is also a concept, and we need to wait when it comes out for sale but these days automatic faucets have started appearing in the markets.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

How do you increase water pressure in your plumbing system?


water pressurePressure is an important factor for water to reach your faucet, especially if your bathroom is in the second floor. With low pressure, you will end up waiting for a long time for water to reach you. Increasing pressure is the key to enjoying free flowing water, especially in the second floor bathroom. Because there are several ways to do this, finding the cause of the problem is the initial step. Cincinnati plumbers give several possible reasons for the reduced pressure:


Leaks in the Pipes

Major leaks in the pipes can cause reduced pressure. For water to reach your faucet or shower head, Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you first fix the leaks in your plumbing system. Once you have done the repair, the pressure will go up and lead to freely flowing water in your bathroom.

 Leaks in the Pipes

Defective System

The tank is another important contributor in increasing the force. If you have a defective tank, you will notice slow water flow. To solve the problem, replace all defective parts of your water system including the tank. You can ask the Cincinnati plumbers to assist you in replacing them.


plumbing system

Booster Pump

After checking all parts and you still experience the same problem, try getting a booster pump. Cincinnati plumbers can help you install the device. They are especially useful for multi-story houses. By installing them to your plumbing system, you can enjoy the normal flow even when your bathroom is situated in higher floors.


Shower Heads

Some showerheads accumulate deposits through time. The clogged deposits contribute to the lesser flow. Aside from the mineral accumulation, most modern designs have low-pressure. To fix this, you can check the restrictor attached to the showerhead. To do this, try to disassemble the parts and clean the plastic screen to provide more space for the entrance. If it does not work, consider buying a new showerhead that allows more water to flow through it.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why does water take longer to heat up when you turn on the shower?

Cincinnati Plumber

Ideally, upon turning on the shower, just count a few seconds and the water turns hot. However, if you have been standing for almost a minute shivering in cold, then you should start wondering if there’s something wrong with your water heater. The coldness and the water that’s wasted each time you turn on the shower will eventually prompt you to look for answers to your question. If you have ever experienced this, the Cincinnati plumbers will provide you with the answers.


Piping Material

Several factors contribute to the time required for water to heat up. One obvious cause is the distance of the shower stall to the fixture. Another cause is the type of pipe in your plumbing system. Because metal is a conductor of heat, the material is an important indicator for hot water to reach your fixture. Galvanized pipes have thicker walls compared to the copper pipes. As water flows through the former, it will absorb more heat and thus it will take longer for the hot water to reach you. Because of the variation in heat absorption, Cincinnati plumbers recommend the copper type if you want faster delivery of hot water.


Outside Temperature

The temperature surrounding the plumbing system also plays a role. Winter seasons will require longer time for water to heat up compared to summer seasons. If you want to solve this problem, Cincinnati plumbers recommend insulating the pipes, especially during cold weather. With the use of insulators, you can even save energy and keep the water hotter in the pipes. If insulation still does not work, Cincinnati plumbers recommend pumps that will circulate in the loop, to the piping system and back to the heater. Although it may consume more energy, you can have hot water instantly.


Hot Water Tanks

Cincinnati Plumbing

The pressure in the tank also dictates the heating time. If you have low pressure, it will take a longer time for the hot water to arrive. But with the aid of technology, many heaters can take up to a maximum pressure, thus eliminating the problem.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

How do you clean your water pipes?

clean your water pipes Water pipe maintenance should be part of your regular home maintenance. If ignored, damaged water pipes can cost you a huge amount of money. Since clogging, rusting and mineral deposits occur through time, you have to keep your system clean to prevent these problems from happening. Cincinnati plumbers recommend the use of different chemicals and commercial cleaners to maintain the plumbing system. Here are a few that you can use.


Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is an excellent scale and mineral deposit remover. Also known as hydrochloric acid, you can purchase it in groceries and most hardware stores. It is safe to use even for copper pipes. Use a pump to pour the chemical in the pipe and allow the materials to soak for 60 seconds. Afterwards, you can run flowing water to rinse it off. Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you use gloves and goggles while handling the chemical since accidental spills and splashing can occur.


Water Softener

If you live in an area where hard water is in use, you might have noticed the white scale deposits in your water pipes. These deposits are calcium, lime and otherCincinnati plumbers will advise you to... minerals. If they stay longer in the pipes, they cause clogging and eventually  damage the system. To avoid the problem, Cincinnati plumbers will advise you to install a water softener. The system contains a filter that will trap the potassium and salt minerals. Although it does not remove the residues completely, the reduction in the deposits is enough to keep your pipes scale-free for a long time.


Commercial Cleaners

For hard to remove stains and mineral deposits, Cincinnati plumbers recommend the use of commercial cleaners. You can buy the products in many stores. Just pour the chemical in the main water supply and you get a cleaner pipe. Because some are too corrosive, some may require dilution with water before using them. Otherwise, they may eat up your pipes and cause leaks.